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Hey Friends,

Keysha Bass here...

Welcome to my Cashflow Accelerator Session application page.

My Cashflow Accelerator strategy session is a six figure shortcut” that will have you getting traffic, generating leads, and making sales, without all the overwhelm, and without spending all day, every day in front of my computer. 

Instead of you having to sit down and trial and error test every tactic and strategy under the moon, you’ll have direct access to a six figure earner, where they’ll tell you exactly what you should be focusing on, what you shouldn’t be focusing on, and most importantly what will get you results, FAST.

We all know that personal coaching is the fastest path to results… But usually it ends up costing you a small fortune in order to tap into. 

Well, with the Cashflow Accelerator Strategy Session you’ll get direct and personal coaching in the form of a one on one strategy session with myself, 100% FREE. 
On your strategy session we’ll review: 
  • Your challenges you feel are holding you back 
  • Your goals for the coming year
  • Your e-mail followup campaigns
  • Your capture pages 
  • Your sales offers 
  • And So Much More...
…and then once we have all of the information that we need, we’ll focus on doing ONE primary thing… 

Mapping out a custom marketing plan that will get you results as quickly as humanly possible by applying maximum leverage to every single critical area of your marketing… 

  • Your traffic campaigns
  • Your lead generating capture pages
  • Your sales offers
  • Your followup campaigns 
  • And all of your various conversion points that you have in your sales funnels 
More or less, we’ll show you step by step exactly what you should be focusing on in your business in order to hit the $10,000 per month level in your business, and to do so as quickly as humanly possible. 

And in case you’re wondering why you should listen to me or my coaches, well, I’ll let my results do the talking… 

And in case you’re wondering whether or not my strategies work for people other than myself… Checkout what a few of my students have to say about using my strategies…

Tamira says:

Keysha's trainings ignite and inspire everyone she comes in contact with. Her consistency is impeccable and drives me to keep up with her. More importantly the friendship we have developed will be life long because it is genuine

Kelly says:

What can I say? Keysha is Awesome! What she teaches works!! She is fun, precise and always over delivers on value!! You want to learn from this girl:)

In short, the Cashflow Accelerator Strategy Session is your chance to end the struggle, end the overwhelm, and end the frustration once and fore-all… By getting direct and personal guidance from someone who’s in the trenches and producing big results in their business RIGHT NOW. 

And in case you’re wondering, no… there will be ZERO hard-selling on this call. 

Actually, in completely and total contrast, I’m going to GUARANTEE with money out of my own pocket that you’ll get value out of your upcoming coaching call.

If after getting on Skype with me, reviewing your funnels, critiquing your traffic strategies, and evaluating your general business as a whole, you don't feel like you got value out of our time spent together, and you feel like I wasted your time in any way, just let me know, and I'll personally send you $100.

I take the value of my time VERY SERIOUSLY, and you should too. It's your most valuable asset, and the ONE THING you can't get back, so you should treat it accordingly, and be choosy in who you give it to. I should be no exception to that rule. If I waste your time, I'll pay you for it.

Just let me know when we're done, and I'll send you the $100.

So Here's What I Want You To Do Next

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Upon filling out the form on the proceeding page, your info will immediately be sent to my assistant, and she'll reach out in the next 24-48 hours. 

Click the button below, secure your spot now, and I look forward to working with you soon.

To the top,

Keysha Bass